Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME), at St. Mary's Engineering College, Hyderabad, administers Bachelor's programs in Mechanical Engineering, B.Tech., as well as master's degree programs in Mechanical Engineering, M.Tech.

The ME department's many strengths include its high faculty-to-student ratio, state of the art facilities, well experienced faculty, strong focus on Mechanical Engineering education balanced with leading-edge research, and emphasis on leadership, service, and ethics.

The program emphasizes on Engineering Drawing, Mechanical Engineering Drawing , Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Production Engineering, Material Science ,Engineering Design,etc. which cover latest trends in the Academics and the Industry. Faculty and students often collaborate on projects, working side-by-side with Doctorates. In addition to the excellent faculty and quality research opportunities available through the department, there is a real sense of community and teamwork here.

Graduates from the ME department are recruited by many top companies such as GENPACT, SURYATECH SOLUTIONS PVT LTD., HINDUJA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, SHREY AUTOMOTIVES, etc. Graduates take up careers in various small, medium and large scale industries, traditional large engineering companies, startup companies, management consulting and government. Some of our top undergraduates each year get admitted into MS programs of foreign countries.

Head of the Department


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  • S.No. Nameof the faculty Faculty Registration-ID Dsgn. Qlfn. Photographs
    1 Dr.T.G.Arul 0188-170914-104044 Principal Ph.D
    2 K.Ashok 2029-160216-112446 M.Tech (Ph.D)
    3 G.BalaNarashimha 5708-150410-200818 Asst.Prof M.Tech (Ph.D)
    4 R Bhargov 2790-150424-121528 Asst.Prof M.Tech (Ph.D)
    5 K.S.S.Chandra Kiran 9766-170211-112205 Asst.Prof M.Tech
    6 P.Rajesh Khanna 8611-170914-094019 Asst.Prof M.Tech
    7 M.Gangadhar 0632-160315-142332 Asst. Prof M.Tech
    8 I.Praveen 2144-150420-152824 Asst. Prof M.Tech
    9 S.Yesanna 1067-160208-170356 Asst. Prof M.Tech
    10 S.Kiran 8967-190503-114127 Asst. Prof M.Tech
    11 S.Vijay Kumar 8867-180127-100608 Asst. Prof M.Tech
    12 S Surender babu 5363-150418-154223 Asst. Prof M.Tech
    13 R.Sateesh 9532-180123-115817 Asst. Prof M.Tech
    14 P.Anil Kumar 5880-191107-120255 M.Tech
    15 N.Naveen 3857-170915-141626 Asst. Prof M.Tech
    16 K.Maheshwari 2767-150413-162512 M.Tech
    17 M.Motilal 6590-191212-113942 Asst. Prof M.Tech