Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Aadministration, MBA, course gives students an opportunity to know the business world. The MBA course prepares future business leaders for the constantly changing world marketplace by developing their critical thinking, management, and leadership skills, as well as the global perspective necessary for success.

MBA course covers areas like Marketing, Management Theory and Practice, Human Resource Management, Business Management, Managerial Economics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Organizational management, etc. The course also includes subjects that enhance the professional competence of management students like Business Communication and Soft Skills, Research Methodology and Statistical Tools, Financial Accounting, etc.

The growth prospects of MBA students are quite promising. Based on the opted specialization MBA students can find themselves in suitable positions in Production Management, Systems Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. One can also aspire to become an entrepreneur after the MBA and start his/her own venture. Though an MBA is not essential for this, the skills learnt during the course surely come handy while running your own business. Even otherwise, an MBA helps immensely in growing skills and knowledge about business administration and one gets to learn a lot many new things.

Head of the Department

Dr. B. Muthu Krishnan

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