Sciences and Humanities

The Department of Science & Humanities occupies a place of pride in St.Mary's Engineering College, SMEC, Hyderabad, as it is the backbone for Engineering &Technology curriculum. Science & Humanities Department lays strong foundation for fruitful completion of 4 year B.Tech. Course by adopting rigorous teaching-learning process The Department of S & H supports in smooth migration of students coming from different backgrounds and varied abilities from Intermediate Level to the Professional Studies by inculcating practice - oriented training. S & H Department is meant to cater to the needs of all new entrants providing them a well-organized platform for their academics and overall development.

The main objective of the S & H Department is to educate the students with appropriate skills suitable for a rapidly changing industrial scenario and providing a holistic profile of students in scholastic and co-scholastic areas creating a cohesive environment among the slow-learners, increasing the intellectual and skilled technocrats for the need of an industry and cultivating employ ability skills among students.


Faculty JNTUH-ID Designation Qualification
Dr.Y.Madhavi Reddy 3462-150411-110431 Asst.Prof Ph.D
G.Karunakar Reddy 3221-150411-125532 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
K.Harshavardhan Reddy 0915-150411-102310 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
A. Praveen Kumar 3612-160309-140049 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
P. Aparna 2580-160223-205750 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
M. Krishna Jayath Reddy 4052-160220-140239 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
N.Naga Mani 85150405-1406 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
K.Sushmitha 2286-150411-115832 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
K.Subhashini 8632-150413-112328 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
K.V.N.L.Jyothirmayi 5965-150411-131915 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
B. Vijay Kumar 3994-150413-123416 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
G.Ravi Kumar 4834-150411-100946 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
Lingaiah Kumari 9514-160218-150158 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
S. Vijayarani 4619-180424-135818 Asst.Prof M.Sc.
K. Vani 9027-160301-144135 Asst.Prof M.A.
K. Chiranjeevi Revathi 2581-150420-122529 Asst.Prof M.A.
O. Swarna Jane 2283-160211-103446 Asst.Prof M.A.
B. Swarnalatha 5569-180424-133303 Asst.Prof M.A.
P. Ashwini 1335-180426-112319 Asst.Prof M.A.
B. Venkatesh 5057-160218-103443 Asst.Prof M.B.A.
P.Swathi 8327-160220-140345 Asst.Prof M.B.A.
M. G. Pushpa Latha 1968-171222-172222 Asst.Prof M.B.A.
P. Jyothi 9824-180424-141750 Asst.Prof M.B.A.
Others-CSE / IT
Ramani sood 4395-150413-100246 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
K. Pranay Kumar 3561-160218-150313 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
M Sandeep 7523-190216-150845 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
R Surender Reddy 1989-160306-114623 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
P RaviKnath 6211-160210-113329 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
Others-EEE / ECE
K Venkata Karthik 9686-150411-135501 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
K Suresh Kumar 9686-150411-135501 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
G Pandya 6066-170131-004818 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
Others-Mech / CE
S. Ramthulla 6322-150417-172452 Asst.Prof M.Tech.
Ch. Kistaiah 6767-160229-120750 Asst.Prof M.Tech.

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