Approved Seats

JNTUH Sanctioned Intake

2020-21: AI - 120

The Department of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI), at St. Mary's Engineering College, Hyderabad, administers Bachelor's programs in Computer Science and Engineering, B.Tech., as well as master's degree programs in Computer Science and Engineering, M.Tech. and in Computer Applications programs, M.C.A.

The AI department's many strengths include its high faculty-to-student ratio, state of the art facilities, well experienced faculty, strong focus on Computer education balanced with leading-edge research, and emphasis on leadership, service, and ethics.

All the programs emphasizes on algorithms and theory, computer architecture, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Data mining, Cloud computing, computer networks, computer security etc. which cover latest trends in the Academics and the Industry. Faculty and students often collaborate on projects, working side-by-side with Doctorates. In addition to the excellent faculty and quality research opportunities available through the department, there is a real sense of community and teamwork here.

Graduates from the CSE department are recruited by many top companies such as Tech Mahindra, Hewlet Packard, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Graduates take up careers in the computing industry, the finance industry, traditional large engineering companies, startup companies, management consulting companies, medical informatics companies, and government. Some of our top undergraduates each year get admitted into MS programs of foreign countries.


Faculty JNTUH-ID Designation Qualification
Dr. V Sambasiva Rao 4897-150428-162757 Asst. Prof. Ph.D
Dr. K.Suresh Kumar 4101-150411-105236 Asst. Prof Ph.D
K Harish Kumar 6450-150411-111713 Asst. Prof M.Tech (Ph.D)
Y Sowmya Reddy 61862-150411-113042 Asst. Prof M.Tech (Ph.D)
M. Kalyana Chakravarthy 1665-150411-114054 Asst. Prof M.Tech (Ph.D)
M.Anand Kumar 7756-160218-141908 Asst. Prof M.Tech (Ph.D)
Ch.Naveen Kumar 8776-150411-140832 Asst. Prof M.Tech
P. Santhosh 6092-150413-164143 Asst. Prof M.Tech (Ph.D)
M.Paramesha 7443-160218-144255 Asst. Prof M.Tech
M. Saritha 7562-160104-194954 Asst. Prof M.Tech
P Mahesh 4321-180203-200246 Asst. Prof M.Tech
A Nitesh Kumar 0029-180820-161150 Asst. Prof M.Tech
Sinde Jayavanth Rao 8845-170112-113320 Asst. Prof M.Tech
A. Nandishwar 5082-150502-170502 Asst. Prof M.Tech
A. Sandhya 2442-180706-143840 Asst. Prof M.Tech
Karrolla Sheker 2442-180706-143840 Asst. Prof M.Tech
A Maharaju 7420-180208-163241 Asst. Prof M.Tech
B Mahesh 6739-180202-123522 Asst. Prof M.Tech
E Raju 9107-160312-124518 Asst. Prof M.Tech
P Jhansi rani 2442-180706-143840 Asst. Prof M.Tech
M Nagamani 4388-160307-001352 Asst. Prof M.Tech
G. Jyothi 4837-180219-162416 Asst. Prof M.Tech
IT Faculty
K.P. Chaitanya 5685-160222-134550 Asst. Prof M.Tech
G.Vijay Kumar 20150404-141037 Asst. Prof M.Tech
B. Srishailam 7991-170211-145943 Asst. Prof M.Tech
K. Srikanth 29150406-105912 Asst. Prof M.Tech (Ph.D)
K. Sowjanya 6286-170211-142107 Asst. Prof M.Tech
B. Nagulu 8546-150410-121030 Asst. Prof M.Tech

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